Admission and Withdrawal

Admission and Withdrawal

Children of all nationalities both boys and girls will normally be admitted into classes I to XII between the age of 5 and 17. The school caters to the needs of children with low vision (No facility for blindness) and who are hearing impaired (No facilities for complete hearing disability). Where transfer certificates are not available children will be admitted only after testing by the school. The Principal reserves the right to assign any pupil to the class for which she thinks the child is best suited. At the time of admission the parent or guardian must furnish a satisfactory birth certificate / transfer certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the admission form

A clear calendar month's notice must be given in writing by the parents for withdrawal of pupils or one months fee will be charged thereof. No allowances will be made for broken periods.

No school leaving certificate will be issued until all school dues are paid and all library books and school properties are returned.

A pupil failing twice in a class at the end of the academic year must discontinue his/her studies in this school.

At the time of admission all parents must give an undertaking the they will abide by all rules and regulation.


Tuition Fee (P.M.) 4603 4807 5162
Devp. Charges (P.M.) 605 624 672
Annual Charges (P.A.) 3500 3500 3500