• What distinguishes Gen Raj’s School from other institutes is not only the conducive learning infrastructure – but also the 'life-inspired' teaching .
  • The faculty – through regular outside excursions, workshops & assignments – challenge each child to think beyond convention – to broaden his own horizons – to learn and then unlearn – and more importantly, to apply his teachings to real-life situations.
  • The school calls it 'Open Environment' learning – parents call it 'life-moulding' Value Education

Going beyond bookish knowledge, the school has evolved a system to enable each child – objectively evaluate the way he conducts himself – on a barometer of 'Morality & Ethics'

The school has a daily check sheet for each student which ensures that the they are reminded about their personal, social and moral obligations which in turn inculcates in them a feeling of self pride and a sense of compassion, kindness and helps them become good and effective citizens of society

A code of morality universally acceptable and a system of training and self-assessment of character have been devised for the development of character. These and the practical implementation of the Code of Morality form an important aspect of the pupil’s development.