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The Mobile School – A very unique idea

In a remarkable effort to provide free primary education for all children for economically backward strata of society living in villages and jhuggi clusters in large metropolitan cities, General Raj's School, Hauz Khas kick started a unique and wonderful idea – the Mobile School, where the school has converted its own buses into a classroom for economically challenged children.

After school hours these buses go into the jhuggi clusters along with trained teachers and conduct classes for the economically backward and the illiterate children of the clusters. The buses usually spend about four hours with the children, where the teachers divide these hours allocated to them between study and recreation. Students are also provided with meals during sessions.

The Mobile School project is a unique initiative started by Maj. General P.C. Rajaratnam (Retd) the Chairman of General Raj's School. The General Raj's School buses have been equipped with the necessary classroom accommodation with drop down tables similar to the ones on passenger aircrafts which have been fitted in the back of the seats of the school, buses: these have provided for the necessary tables for the children. Fans have also been fixed in the buses to provide for a cool working atmosphere during the summer months.

Blackboards and chart boards have been fixed in the front and at the sides of the inside of the bus and are easily removable. Previous years textbooks have been collected from the school students, which have been augmented with new books as necessary. Exercise books and slates have also been provided to the students.

The road ahead of this stage is also always open as the number of mobile schools grow and the specially fitted buses reach all corners of the city and the country.

Our student council ensures that students participate in this initiative and thus spread awareness about the necessity of free and compulsory primary education to the economically challenged of our society.