General Raj's School Profile

General Raj's School is a private unaided, coed, neibhourhood School established by a society registered under the societies Registration Act 1980.(Registration of Society) "The school follows all the rules,regulations,provisions and bye-laws of the competent authories."
General Raj's School was founded in 1966 by the Chairman, Maj. General P.C Rajaratnam in memory of his father Mr. Payyan Shankaran a well-known educationist of our country. The school has grown over the years offering a variety of facilities to its students ranging from Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Yoga & gymnastics to swimming, trekking and a host of other outdoor activities. Its curriculum encompasses the system of value education, which is very close to the heart of the Chairman. The school also has a couple of horses offering the children horse riding as an extracurricular activity. 
Excelling in sports, co-curricular activities and academics and with its strong focus on value education General Raj's School stands today as one of Delhi's premiere educational institutions


The school is a recognized senior secondary school by the Directorate of Education. It is run by P.C. Rajaratnam Institution, a Society registered under the "Societies Regn Act" 1860 (Recognition Letter)


The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.(Affiliation Letter)

Aim of the School

The aim of the school is to provide the younger generation with the necessary facilities for academic training and to assist them in developing a sound mind and sound body. Emphasis is laid of development of character.


The school is led by the Principal who has put together a very effective team. All the teachers are scholars in their own fields and these teachers help the students reach for the very best in life. The turnout and over development of the students of General Raj's School has been flawless and they have become good law abiding moral citizens of the nation.

Formation of various clubs

These foster the feelings of working together as a team and serving the community as and when it is required.


Facilities & Activities offered


Apart from the initial land of 1.98 acres of land the DDA allotted an additional 1615 sq mts of land in 1995. This paved the way for a new and improved wing of the school which houses the senior secondary wing and a state of the art auditorium.


The school has big and airy classrooms and all modern equipment needed to maintain the building. All rooms have a separate entry and exit and are spacious and well designed. The outer faced of the building is designed with a red brick look and looks very attractive to passersby from the main roads. The school has a large playground and a total of 38 classrooms, Staff rooms, Administrative rooms Library, Medical Room, well equipped computer lab, Chemistry lab, Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Math Lab, Recreation room/Gym, and a Multipurpose hall/state of the Art Auditorium (Building Safety)


The school offers a variety of facilities which include Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Hockey, badminton, volleyball, basketball, facilities for all athletic events, Horse Riding. It boasts of a new auditorium with state of the art infrastructure which hosts competitions like extempore, debates, poetry, drama and various co-curricular cultural activities. A nice open playground gives the students space to exercise and develop any athletic/gaming talents they might have.


The school has a well equipped library with over 20,000 books and the topics range from fiction to research books for teachers and students alike. The library system is completely automated and all books can be searched for using the computer.


The school boasts of a state of the art auditorium which has housed many Drama Competitions and a host of other shows and performances. The sound and lighting of the auditorium has been installed by a premier light and sound design house based in New Delhi and facilities are state of the art.


In today's day and age where space is becoming a pre requisite for any educational institution General Raj's School boasts of ample playground for the students. An open space is a must for the proper and wholesome development of the student.

Socially Useful Productive Work

The school provides the following workshop facilities:

  • Typewriting
  • Tailoring and Embroidery
  • Primary Health Care
  • Adult Education
  • Scouting
  • Interior Decoration
  • Primary Training
  • Computer Training

Other facilities such as Meal Planning, Photography and others will be added later.

Training and Guidance Counseling

Class teachers of classes III to XII will ascertain the choice of their pupils for training and guidance in (a) games and athletics etc. (b) cultural activities and (c) Professions and vocations. A list of important items under these three headings is attached. A minimum of two items under each of the headings and one from (A), (B) and (C) should be given by each child. Those who wish to concentrate on more items may give more of their choice in order of priority provided they have the necessary aptitude. These will be entered on one full page in the individual Record Books of pupils.

Organisation and Curriculum

The school provides facilities for classes I to XII. The medium of instruction is English. The Course of studies followed in the school will lead the pupils to examinations conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.
In addition to the curriculum followed in all schools the following three subjects are included for detailed study and grading.

Organisation and Curriculum

The school provides facilities for classes I to XII. The medium of instruction is English. The Course of studies followed in the school will lead the pupils to examinations conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.
In addition to the curriculum followed in all schools the following three subjects are included for detailed study and grading. (a) PT & Games 
Besides PT, facilities are provided for athletics, gymnastics and all games such as cricket, hockey, football, volley-ball, basket-ball, tennis, badminton, table-tennis and kho-kho within the school premises. Swimming and horse riding are also taught to those who wish to have training in these. 
(b)Cultural     Activities 
Facilities are provided for training in dances like Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Folk dances, dramatics, debates and declamation, painting, handwork, instrumental and vocal music, home science activities.

Fees are fixed upon SMC's recommendation and PTM approval.

Learning in an open environment

What is unique to the school is learning in an open environment. The teacher is a facilitator of knowledge

 Academic Calendar

April: New Session Commences

Mid May to June: Summer Vacation

July: School Re-opens

September 1st Week: first Assessment

December Second Week: Second Assessment

December End: Winter Vacations

January Mid: School Re-opens

March 1st & 2nd Week: Final Assessment

March End: Session Ends

Moral & Value Education

Apart from the regular curriculum the school imparts value based and moral education to the students. These are in the form of day to day realities which the teachers take instances from and also in the form of the laws of life laid down in the school diary. 
The school also has a daily check sheet for each student which ensures that the students are reminded about their personal, social and moral obligations which in turn inculcates in them a feeling of self pride and a sense of compassion, kindness and helps them become good and effective citizens of society 
A code of morality universally acceptable and a system of training and self-assessment of character have been devised for the development of character. These and the practical implementation of the Code of Morality form an important aspect of the pupil's development.